Columbia College Prez Issues Madden Challenge

College presidents wearing eye black are the most fun kind of college presidents. (more…)

John Anderson Joins The Big Show

ESPN SportsCenter Anchor (and Mizzou alum) John Anderson thinks a "Maty Football" phenomenon has a chance to happen this year. (more…)

Shields Throws KC Past Giants

James Shields wasn't going to need much help to win Saturday night at Kauffman Stadium. (more…)

Finebaum Joins The Big Show

One of the biggest names in college football joined The Big Show for an interview Tuesday. (more…)

Cards Chat with Brian Stull

Will the Cardinals be buyers at the trade deadline? How will A.J. Pierzynski fit in with St. Louis? (more…)

Mike & Mike With Frank Caliendo As Morgan Freeman

Comedian Frank Caliendo was on KTGR with Mike & Mike reading the LeBron James letter as Morgan Freeman...brilliant! (more…)

Yadi Has Snack Delivered For His Brother

Jose Oquendo left some snack crackers on home plate for Jose Molina...watch it here. (more…)

Under The Bus: Cubs Fans

If you don't know the name of your team's "can't-miss" prospect, you probably shouldn't admit to being excited for him. (more…)

Michael Sam Reacts To Tony Dungy Comments

Tony Dungy said he wouldn't have drafted Michael Sam...Sam reacts and talks more about his transition from Mizzou to the NFL. (more…)

Under The Bus: Tony Dungy

Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy is known as a good guy, but he's out of touch when it comes to Michael Sam. (more…)