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Listen to KTGR on Amazon Alexa and Google Home!

It’s a new way to listen to KTGR at home and at work!

Whether you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can listen to KTGR at home.

If you have an Amazon Echo, just say…

“Hey Alexa, play KTGR”

You can try a new way to listen to The Big Show every weekday afternoon by simply saying… “Hey Alexa, set my alarm to ______ (insert time) to KTGR Radio.”

If you have Google Home, KTGR will play through your TuneIn app. Just say…

“Okay Google, stream KTGR”

Plus, don’t forget to download the KTGR app to your iPhone or Android! Once you’ve downloaded the app to your app on your iPhone, just say…

“Hey Siri, open the KTGR app”