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Andy and Brenden have been bantering back and forth about sports ever since they were college roommates at Mizzou. Now that their commentary has hit the airwaves, it’s turned into unique, entertaining, award-winning content that mid-Missouri sports fans cannot miss! Join Andy and Brenden every weekday afternoon on KTGR as they talk about the biggest stories in sports, and take your calls on the Cardinals, Royals, Chiefs, Blues and, of course, your Missouri Tigers.

Chime in on the conversation on the KTGR hotline at 573-875 – KTGR (5847) or and @KTGRBigShow on Twitter.


Andy Humphrey joined KTGR in December of 2019. He is the station program director, and also handles play-by-play for high school football and basketball and Mizzou softball broadcasts.

Prior to coming to KTGR, Andy was a news/sports broadcaster and country music DJ for J-98 and KREI in Farmington, MO between 2017-2019. He has also broadcasted for minor league baseball teams in Grand Prairie, TX, Sugar Land, TX, Palm Springs, CA and Salem, OR.

During his time in broadcasting, Andy has earned several Missouri Broadcasters Association awards for play-by-play and sports.

Andy graduated from Mizzou in 2016 with degrees in broadcast journalism and sport management. He’s been a Missourian for more than a decade after growing up in Houston, TX. He lives in Columbia with his wife, Katie, and daughter, Ellie.


Brenden Schaeffer got his start in sports radio as a board operator and producer at KFNS in St. Louis in 2016. That same year, he graduated from Mizzou and began covering the St. Louis Cardinals as a writer for KMOV in St. Louis.

Brenden became a member of the BBWAA in 2020 and hopped aboard the Big Show as a co-host in 2021. He’s made it his daily mission ever since to get Andy riled up on the air about the Houston Astros.

Brenden enjoys bowling and playing disc golf, as well as spending time with his wife, Emily, and son, Gabriel.


  1. Jeff parles asked today about most dominate athlete like Tiger woods. I think that michael phelps should be in the discussion.

  2. Just had to comment about Michaels/Parles what was said on The Big Show when the Royals’ opened the season 0-3 when they were swept by the Twins in Minneapolis. You guys buried the Royals after 3 games. I thought it then and I think it now – you guys are completely looney! Burying a team after 3 games, give me a break! What a difference two weeks makes. The Cardinals are reeling and the Royals are back to .500 with the best starting pitching (statiscally speaking at the moment). Look there’s plenty of room up here on the Royals’ bandwagon so jump on!

  3. If Rasmus is traded for a scrub like Edwin Jackson, the entire organization should be napalmed like it was the Ho Chi Minh trail.

    Mozeliak is obviously Tony’s puppet, as he has continually offloaded guys on TLR’s *poop* list for 30 cents on the dollar. Perez for DeRosa was a horrendous deal that has cost us multiple wins now two years later.

    They spun off Ludwick for a fraction of his value. Ryan, who had the best pornstache of the last thirty years and the sharpest glove in the NL is playing at a 3 WAR level this year after he was sent off for a human gas can in Cleto, and now Rasmus, one of the top talents the organization has produced in the last twenty years has been shipped off for a guy who could qualify for Frequent Mover Miles, if companies like U-Haul actually offered that.

    At this point, I almost hope that Pujols leaves just so he can escape the inevitable descent into irrelevance that this vortex of idiocy and cronyism will bring us.

  4. With Pujols coming back into the Cardinals lineup, how will this affect the MLB All Star line up? Will it be the NL manager’s choice to select him? Thanks for always being entertaining.

  5. Bring the BCS to the NCAA Tourney? You’ve got to be kidding me. Screw up the greatest sporting event in the world? If you’re going to do that. Why play the tourney at all? Why play the season? Just pick the 2 teams that some “BCS” think-tank thinks are the two best & have them play. That would be stupid. If you put 68 teams in then 68 teams have a chance. The seeds give the teams that have proved it all year the easier path. If they don’t make it it’s their fault.

  6. Mizzou bball this year has been frustrating to say the least. First I would say that if Tony Mitchell was able to be in school, and Kadeam Green stayed healthy we would be a much bigger, stronger, tougher, deeper team. Still with the team we have in place after the Gtown games i thought we looked good, and after we beat Illinois I felt good about the season coming up but since the Big12 season started we have looked like a different team. One without leaders and without confidence. If Mizzou can make a tourney run it will have to change the way we have been approaching games. Denmon should play 35 min a game. Bowers and Ratliff must stay off the bench.

  7. Which is worse? Back in the day Norm’s teams went to The Dance highly seeded & got bounced early or this year when we’ve virtually been in for a month or two, but no one believes we have a tinker’s damn chance of winning a game?

  8. Mizzou played so bad last night in Lincoln. Ricardo finally stay out of foul trouble and he score 6 points, pathetic. Dixon should be playing more. Steve Moore is useless. Kim English is terrible, so frustrating watching him play. Marcus Denmon needs to take control of this team and get them playing with more intensity. Denmon also needs to be like Jacob Pullin and shoot when he gets the ball, he needs to be a go to guy when we need points. Please CMA get this squad playing better!

  9. I don’t even have a “Bookface” page! Someone is impersonating me.
    Loss of Waino certainly hurts the Cards’ chances of winning their division, but still light years ahead of KC.

  10. We have to seriously embrace the fact that John Mozeliak isn’t just bad at his job, he’s so epically incompetent that the light from bad would take decades to reach him. The fact that this negotiation has taken so long is a serious indictment on the management and ownership of the team. Mozeliak has done nothing to disprove the fact that he’s a complete stooge. Nothing.

  11. Ask the Cavs, you dont let the best player in the game leave, or even smell free agency. Cardinals will fold for a decade without Pujols 5.

  12. Starters should be: Pressey, Pressey, Denmon, Bowers, Ratliff. Kim sucks, keep him on the bench. He only plays good vs bad teams. Kim has no back bone, no heart, no strength. He is not a leader. I wish we could trade him for an expiring contract, too bad this isnt the nba.

  13. Steve Moore is terrible! Foul Trouble killed Missouri vs hawks. Kreklow played 14min?? WHY? Steve played 17 min had 0 points. WHY? Dixon is good but he forced way too much on bigMON. This team has to shoot lights out to do anything in the tourny. Please Coach get some depth down low for next year. Someone who can run the point on the press like JYD and Kieth Ramsey, our press has been lacking bc of it.


  15. MU VS Texas on sat is on espnU. This means I will be watching at the bar. Can be a little distracting but when we win it will be FUN! CarBombs BRAH!

  16. Where is Ben Mclemore going? KU or MU? Why cant Missouri lock down in state guys like Brad Beal and the other Stlouis kids?What about the big guys from Sikeston MO and Springfield MO?

  17. We need Tony Mitchell to make a run in the tourny. i love are guards, lots of depth. But we have no size and no depth down low. I like are front line Ricardo is solid and so is Bowers but Steve sucks and safford is soft. Safford is just an oversized guard. So yes this team is good but wont be able to make run with no depth in biggs

  18. Guys, Tony Mitchell was “worth a shot”. Sheldon, too. The months of “turmoil” that you mentioned just effects the fans & media, not the team. The football season was pretty good & the B-ball season is going very well with all the “turmoil” (Can you imagine how much closer we’d be to winning the Big 12 & getting a top seed if we had another player of TM’s talent?). These guys are such talents (5-Star) that it’s worth it to take a chance. Yes, if they never get into Mizzou it probably would have been better for CMA to bring in a lessor talent, but that could’ve been another Underwood or Stone (good guys, but couldn’t compete in the Big 12). With as many schollies that the football team gets Sheldon was well “worth a shot”. We haven’t signed many 5-Stars. Programs fighting to reach the next level have to “take a shot” or cheat (I prefer taking a shot).

  19. I was just wondering how Sheldon’s & Tony’s first day of class went?

  20. Mizzou bball looking strong.

  21. Actually I think they’re pretty good & not nearly as shrill.
    I just back from AZ & was looking for some post-Insight interviews, but no podcasts since Dec.11 (Ferentz) except Gabbert’s decision (not exactly what I wanted to hear).

  22. Trying to find your Facebook page. I’m sure it’s on the home page but viewing threw my cracked iPhone 4 so I can’t find it.

  23. May I point out that the foul in question at the end of the Illinois game was an INTENTIONAL foul, not a technical foul, as you kept saying on your show this afternoon. The technical foul was called on Coach Webber, and no one, not even the coach himself, disputed that. Big difference between the two.

  24. Hey guys,

    Great show, I’m new to the Columbia area but I listen in every day.

    In regards to the World Cup in Qatar, and one point I forgot to mention on air (but discussed in a lecture today). FIFA which decides who hosts the World Cup claims there are about 26.29 Billion Views of the entire World Cup tournament. In holding a World Cup near Europe, they see a 4% increase in viewership, and thus a lot more money from sponsorship and media rights and advertising sales. Economically it makes sense to host the games in Qatar, though there are security, stadium, climate, and infrastructure problems which need to be dealt with.

    Also the book I mentioned on air is:
    “Soccernomics” by Stefan Szymanski (an economist) and Simon Kuyper (a sport journalist). Its well written and extremely informative of the business of International soccer.

  25. Miss St. turns down Cam cheater, Report Cam cheater’s misconduct to the NCAA and what do they get. They get to watch Auburn beat them, watch Auburn win the SEC, watch Auburn cash in on a BCS bowl, watch Auburn go to the Nat. Championship game, watch Cam carry off the Heisman, watch Cam get drafted early and donate $$$$ to Auburn. Should they have paid Cam the cash???

  26. Why can’t you just stick to sports. I listen because I want a break from politics, I don’t want to hear what you think about Health Care.

  27. It was pretty hysterical listening to the two of you talk about Missouri not being worthy of their #11AP and #12 USA Today rankings. While they have been somewhat less than stellar, I’d like to hear your list of the teams that you’d put in front of them, as many of the teams in front of them have lost (or come close to losing) at least once to inferior teams and those close behind haven’t fared much better. Take a look and some of these losses.

    #2 Michigan State- UConn (unranked but probably deserve to be)
    #4 KSU- I don’t care who it was to it was still a 14 point loss
    #7 Villanova- 10 point loss to #24 Tennessee
    #8 Kentucky- 17 point loss to unranked UConn
    #9 Syracuse- narrowly beat William & Mary(3 points), Michigan(3), and G-Tech(4)
    #10 Richmond- 11 point loss to Richmond
    #12 BU- Equally unimpressive wins: Lipscomb (12), Jack St. (14), and La Salle (10)
    #13 Washington- Two straight losses (excusable due to caliber of teams)
    #15 Florida- Loss to OSU and a whopping 6 point victory over Morehead State
    #18 SDSU- Narrowly escaped Green Bay (3 points)
    #20 Texas- Loss to Pitt and a three-point win over Rice
    #21 Temple- Losses to Cal and Texas A&M plus near losses to Seton Hall and UGA
    #22 Gonzaga- Losses to SDSU & KSU and narrowly beat Marquette
    #23 BYU- Single digit wins over powerhouses Saint Mary’s, USF, and Utah State
    #25 UNC- Losses to previously unranked Vanderbilt and Minnesota

    Please tell me the teams 12+ teams that you think should be ranked ahead of Missouri.

  28. Hey guys thanks again for the time today. Looking forward to putting something together soon. keep up the great work. I love how you guys stir it up!

  29. Being from Sydney Australia i dont know a huge amount about college football so i wanna ask a simply question

    Triggered by today’s discussion……My question is how much control does the head coach have in calling plays etc etc over the offensive coach

  30. One problem with hitting a football program with keeping them off the field is that b-ball and f-ball generate the sports budget for the other sports. The swim team, track team ect would suffer. We need to punish the players by taking some of the NFL $$$$ and punish the agents. One thought

  31. Hey guys love the show, it’s really nice having a solid local sports show to listen to on my way home from classes. Im a communications major and if there is anything I can do to get some sort of internship with you guys I would love it. Thanks

  32. I normally listen to sirius mostly but I caught your show the other day. Love it!! I like hearing local sports talk sometimes. I was also wondering if I caught a few Howard Stern references, like Hey Nowwww? If so thats even more cool. You have a new fan keep it up.

  33. something i havent heard you all talk about was how recruiting can change now that we beat OU, i was watching ESPNU and notice a 3 star OT that was committed to houston decommitted then committed to M I Z. Big wins like the one over OU will only help us not only now but in the future with recruits.


  35. Spitz how could you go on air and downgrade a man like Tom Henke. Oh, he was worthy of comming on your show after you figured out who he was. You should research your guests prior to being on the air, or take some baseball history lessons you goof ball.

  36. Last nights show was a new low. Which is quite an achievement considering some past shows.

  37. Not one Chiefs Logo on your website, come on…..I moved from St Louis to get away from all the Rams talk. Columbia/Jefferson city is Chiefs Country. Lets hear it. The Cards and the Rams are done for the year. Lets talk Mizzou and Chiefs.

  38. Congratulations Mizzou on a #2 ranking for the Fulmer Cup!

    You had to work hard to earn it, and no doubt it’s the highest ranking in any poll you’ll receive this year!

  39. Spitz and Will:
    Another fine performance by Ryan “Shakey” Franklin.
    HE STINKS! Though in fairness, Carpenter wasn’t exactly stellar, either.
    But, if you come back in the top of the 9th to win a crappy effort game, you
    closer HAS to nail it down. HE JUST HAS TO.

  40. Simply saying how much I enjoy the 4pm Big Show and the Saturday morning show. I listen to the 4pm show when I am driving home and the 8pm show as I wake up. Glad to have them both!

    Geaux Tigers!

    WWW (World Wide Wes)

  41. I love Kadlec! He has great stories.

  42. On Shannon & Rooney: Shannon is a treasure. His malaprops are priceless, heh, heh, heh. He’s not always paying attention, but it’s baseball, who is? Rooney’s “It’s a goner!” is stupid. How about Mr. Mizzou, John Kadlec? What do you think of him?
    On the question of the day: Who will win the World Cup? Who gives a ________!

  43. Ok Adam, I’m a Royals fan, but I was not offended by your comments Friday afternoon. I understand the business and wanting to obtain and maintain ratings. I really do. But, seriously, was your rant really worth it? Did it accomplish anything? Royals still took 2 of 3 from the Cardinals. Cardinals will still be in the playoff picture come September, Royals will not. What’s the big deal? You shouldn;t let people’s comments offend you. You have your comments and thoughts. Other’s have theirs too. That is what makes your program so valuable in the market. Seriously, relax.

  44. I enjoy the show every day. It is great to have a local sports show. Sometimes I agree with your opinions and other times I don’t and that is what makes it so entertaining. I also appreciate the sponsors of KTGR and support their business when I can.

  45. you guys are terrible!!! bring back more espn radio. You wouldnt be so painful to the ears if you presented a more unbiased opinion on MLB. As extreme stl homers though, everything you say is so ridiculously slanted towards your precious cards, it makes the show impossible to listen to for any fan of any other team. Heres to poor ratings showing you two morons the door.

  46. Hey gang,

    Did you see the story in the Trib today about Mizzou pondering starting their own TV network? Devoted exclusively for all things Tigers. Thoughts?

  47. Subject: Tony Mitchell…

    Can you guys touch on this subject? I’ve been looking for new updates online but have found none other than an editorial suggesting the DISD speed up their investigation… duh.

  48. Hey guys, Just wanted to say I love your Big Show. Nice to see you’re not afraid to say what you feel. \Dave

  49. Spitz and Will – Thanks for the great visit on our show this morning. Had a blast with you guys!

  50. Hi Will -I stopped in a couple days ago and talked briefly with you about the possibility of my son doing some pro-bono work durng your show. As I mentioned, Joe is a sports enthusiast – and would be willing to do anything from answer phone lines to research information – or clean the office if needed 🙂 I know you guys are getting your new digs in order, and thought it might be a good time to enhance your compliment.
    Thanks, Tim

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