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Unpacking the Blockbuster Mahomes Extension

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes finally got that big contract extension in a move that’s been telegraphed since the day he hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in Kansas City.

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A Deep Dive into the Chiefs 2020 Schedule: Part 3

Now that the NFL schedules have been out for a while, I figured it would be a good opportunity to do some deep-tissue analysis of the Chiefs’ schedule to find out if the football gods blessed them with a gracious enough schedule to follow through with a solid title defense. We’ll break this down into four quarters over the coming …

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Reports: Mahomes inks 10-year extension with Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is set to spend a long time in the City of Fountains.

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A Brief Guide to the Revamped MLB Season

After months of deliberation, media subterfuge, and cost cutting, the MLB and the Players Association are set to bring baseball back for the late summer/early fall with a July 1st report  date. As such, here’s everything you need to know about renewed baseball season.

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