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The Sports Wire: Bud Sasser

One of the biggest questions for Mizzou heading into 2015 is who will step up at wide receiver. Who better to ask than former Mizzou receiver Bud Sasser? He joined us on The Sports Wire to discuss that, plus: does Bud watch The Bachelor? And what is his favorite CoMo restaurant? We ask Bud only the hard-hitting questions. Listen:

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The Sports Wire: Vahe Gregorian

Vahe Gregorian of the Kansas City Star spent some time with Royals’ pitcher Yordano Ventura in his hometown in the Dominican Republic over the offseason. He joined BK on The Sports Wire to discuss what he found out about Ventura’s upbringing, and how the Royals found the star pitcher. Listen:

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The Mizzou Oscars

BK is hosting a Mizzou version of The Oscars tomorrow on The Sports Wire. The nominee process is complete, and now it’s up to you, the fans, to determine the winners. Without further ado, your 2015 Mizzou Oscar nominations.   Best Picture Nominees: 1) Mizzou vs. South Carolina 2) Mizzou vs.Texas A&M 3) Mizzou vs. Tennessee 4) Mizzou vs. Arkansas …

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The Sports Wire: Chris Low

Chris Low covers SEC football for and he joined BK on The Sports Wire. When asked if Mizzou will win an SEC Championship within the next five years, Low said recent history would indicate they will. Listen:

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The Sports Wire: Caitlin Swieca

Caitlin Swieca is a prep sports reporter for The Columbia Daily Tribune, and she joined BK on The Sports Wire to discuss her profile on the Porter family. Michael Porter Jr. might be the first five star recruit to ever work in a shaved ice stand. For more, listen:

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