The Big Show
Under The Bus: Vicious Towel Guy

Apparently there's nothing more coveted in sports than a stinky, used towel. (more…)

Bob Burchard on The Big Show

You'll want to hear what Columbia College men's basketball coach and athletic director Bob Burchard has to say about the "haves" and "have nots" in the NCAA. (more…)

Smith Reveals Reid’s Favorite Reward

After a playoff run last year, Chiefs QB Alex Smith must be feeling pretty good about his job security. (more…)

Under The Bus: Nori-Whirl

Nori Aoki became the poster child of the Royals offensive ineptitude. (more…)

Under The Bus: Juuuust A Bit Outside

50 Cent does not have a career as a professional pitcher in front of him. (more…)

Will and Matt on TV!

The Big Show boys went on with Austin Kim of ABC 17 Sports. (more…)

Under the Bus: How far is too far?

A High School baseball coach took his job a little too seriously. (more…)

Horse Racing Announcer Talks Chrome and Crown

Legendary horse racing announcer Dave Johnson joined The Big Show off of California Chrome's Preakness win. (more…)

Earleywine Responds To Critical Article

Missouri softball Ehren Earleywine did not back down from comments made by an ESPN reporter earlier this week. (more…)

Big Show NFL Draft Central

The Big Show has the NFL Draft covered from the Rams and Chiefs as well as former Mizzou players! (more…)