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Best of The Big Show: January 25, 2016

Matt and BK open the show by discussing their top takeaway from the AFC Championship Game. The guys also ask whether you look at the Texas A&M loss with a glass half-full, or glass half-empty perspective. Plus, our friend Bill Connelly of Rock M Nation joined the show for his weekly guest appearance. PODCAST:

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The Big Show: Bill Connelly

Bill Connelly of Rock M Nation joined Matt and BK for his weekly appearance on The Big Show to discuss whether he sees the progress in Mizzou basketball & what he makes of the different football recruiting strategy we’ve seen under Barry Odom. PODCAST:

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KJ Walton

Mizzou Media Day: Kim Anderson Previews Kentucky

Mizzou is looking for its first win under Kim Anderson against a ranked opponent, and the next opportunity to do so will be Wednesday at Kentucky. The Tigers coach met with the media on Monday to discuss the Tigers’ loss at Texas A&M, and to preview the upcoming matchup against the Wildcats. Anderson says his team is in a good …

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The Sports Wire: Sam Snelling

Sam Snelling of Rock M Nation joined Jeff and BK on The Sports Wire to discuss the state of Mizzou basketball. Was it the right move to accept the transfer of Jordan Barnett? Who are the most irreplaceable players on the current roster? And what is fair to expect from the Tigers tomorrow against Texas A&M? PODCAST:

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Sean Smith

The Sports Wire: Joel Corry

Joel Corry of CBS Sports joined Jeff and BK on The Sports Wire to discuss potential moves the Chiefs can make in free agency. Joel says Kansas City will likely keep Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali and Eric Berry. He also thinks there are some free agent wide receivers on the market that could help the Chiefs’ passing game. But at …

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Best of The Sports Wire: January 23, 2016

Jeff and BK open the show by discussing the most intriguing basketball game of the weekend. The guys also discuss Mizzou basketball’s lack of development in 2016, the new football recruiting strategy under Barry Odom, the most important player for the Kansas City Chiefs to re-sign, and the guys have a discussion on which professional athletes you most associate with …

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Best of The Big Show: January 22, 2016

Friday on The Big Show, Matt and BK discussed Mizzou’s football recruiting strategy, whether there should be an early signing period for recruits, and who the most intriguing players are in 2016 for the Cardinals & Royals. PODCAST:

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Best of The Big Show: January 20, 2016

Matt and BK open the show by giving their grades for the Royals & Cardinals offseason moves. They also discuss what Mizzou needs to do in order to stay competitive vs. Georgia. And who are the building blocks currently on the roster? BEST OF THE BIG SHOW:

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How the Kansas City Chiefs Could Improve through Free Agency

Welcome to the offseason. The Chiefs, on the heels of their first postseason win in a generation, enter the offseason with a lot of hope. That’s what this time of the year is all about. Every team is hopeful that their team will be the one that picks the next franchise quarterback in the NFL Draft. Everyone is looking for …

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