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The Pregame Stretch – NFL Week 3


Why the Vikings aren’t doomed without Adrian Peterson – and it’s not Sam Bradford who will carry that offense. Jamaal Charles is probably out for the chiefs – so how do you beat that fearsome Jets defense?  Hank and Rob take on these topics and more to get you ready for Week 3 of NFL football.

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Prospect Preview: Who’s helping their NFL draft stock?


Rob Veno Jr. from KTGR’s The Pregame Stretch podcast takes a look at some of the guys taking the field this Saturday, who are likely to improve their stock as they try to play on Sundays. Be sure to catch The Pregame Stretch on Sunday mornings for the up-to-date news and analysis you need to get ready for all …

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All Purpose Football Podcast: Week 3


Jeff and John take a look back at the key outcomes of Week 2 and look forward to the big match ups of Week 3. Will the Chiefs beat the Jets? Will the Rams score a touchdown? And how will Carson Wentz fare against a good team? Find out what we think on the All Purpose Football Podcast!  

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The Big Show: Will Carroll


The injury expert Will Carroll of Cox Media Group joined The Big Show to break down the injuries from Week 2 in the NFL and Luke Del Rio’s knee injury.

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