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Rainbow 6 Siege Makes History

rainbow 6 ecac winners

Columbia, MO – This week the CC Rainbow 6 Siege team competed in the ECAC Playoff Finals for the first time in program history. ECAC Esports league is comprised of teams from all across the united states competing in 8-week league play leading up to playoffs. The Rainbow 6 team has come close in a number of leagues but have not reached a playoff final until this week. The Rainbow 6 team came into this week as the second overall seed with a season record of 7-1 and as one of the favorites to win the ECAC Championship. 
Championship Match
The Rainbow 6 team came into this week’s playoff final as the favorite to win the ECAC Championship. Leading up to the playoff finals, they had to face three other teams before making it to the playoff finals. The Rainbow 6 team won a total of seven maps and only gave up one map on their way to the finals. During the final match, the Rainbow 6 team met Muskingum University, listed as the #4-seed in the tournament, that had just knocked off the #1-seed Fisher College Falcons.

The Cougars would have to beat Muskingum University in a best of five map format. The Cougars lost a close hard-fought first map in overtime, eight rounds to six. The Cougars bounced back on the next map by winning the map, seven rounds to three.

The Cougars struggled on the third map of the series, falling seven rounds to three. On the fourth map of the series, the Cougars closed out the map, seven rounds to four, to tie up the series. This set up a map five decider, to see who wins the ECAC Championship.

During the final map of the series, it was a back and forth affair which saw the map push to overtime, where the Cougars closed out the series by winning both overtime rounds and taking the map, eight rounds to six.

This is the first time the Cougars Rainbow 6 Siege team has made a playoff final and the first time in program history they have won a championship since their inception.

Director of Esports, Aaron Shockley said, “This team is very dedicated and have worked hard to get to this point. This will allow them to set new goals for next semester and beyond.”

Captain Tristen “ghostly” Gibson said this about winning the ECAC Championship, “We worked hard building this team into a true contender while having to overcome adversity. We are very proud to make history and hope to continue this momentum into the spring semester. “

This article is provided by Columbia Cougar Athletics