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Fall Season Recap – Rocket League


Aaron Shockley, Director of Esports
“The Rocket League was a special group that came together to surprise the collegiate community that Columbia College is more than a League of Legends school, by placing 1st in the West Conference League and 3rd in the National Tournament. I am excited that this group is always hungry and always looking to achieve the next goal and I can credit my players enough for all the work they put in this semester to achieve so much.”  

74-14 (Varsity)  
27-21 (Reserve) 

Record Book (PDF)

CRL West Fall League Champions 
NECC Fall Cyan Division Champions 
META Gaming Uncapped Champions 
HI21 Rocket League Champions 
Ethan Platt “Cryptic” – Top Performer CRL Fall 2021 (Top Performer across the Conference Playoffs and National Championship) 

Best Results 
CRL – West League (1st Place) 
West Playoffs (2nd Place) 
Fall National Championship (4th Place) 
META- Uncapped League (1st Place) 
Uncapped Playoffs (Champions) 
NECC- Cyan Champions Division League (1st Place) 
Cyan Champions Division Playoffs (Champions) 
UGC- UGC Playoffs (4th Place) 
Kansas City Pioneers Underground- Rocket League tournament (Quarter Finals) 
HI21 Tournament – Rocket League Tournament (Champions) 
Cougar Invitational- Rocket League Tournament (4th Place) 
Evil Genius Tournament- Rocket League Tournament (4th Place) 

Tournaments Won 
HI21 Tournament Champions 

Top Performers 

Ethan Platt – Cryptic – 411 Goals, 223 Assists, and 403 Saves 

  • Top Performer Fall CRL 
  • CC Record Holder for: 
    • Most Goals in a Game (8) 
    • Most Saves in a Game (6) 
    • Most Goals in a Season (411) 
    • Most Saves in a season (403) 

Kai Hickey – CosmicFlippy – 257 Goals, 284 Assists, and 338 Saves 

  • Top 10 on Top Performers List Fall CRL 
  • CC Record Holder for: 
    • Most Assist in a Season (284) 

Griffin Wronski – CrowsShinyWings – 254 Goals, 213 Assists, and 322 Saves 

  • Top 10 on Top Performers List Fall CRL 
  • CC Record Holder for: 
    • Most Assist in a Game (5)
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