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Cougars Announce Day Off Policy

day off policy

Columbia, Mo. – All sport specific activities shall be prohibited during one calendar day per week OR two calendar days per two-week period, except during participation in conference postseason championship and during participation in NAIA championships with Director of Athletic approval. 
Sport specific activities include games, practice, film, small group/individuals, and conditioning. Sport specific activities do not include study halls, community service, team building activities, and meeting/treatment with Athletic Training. A calendar week is seven consecutive days from Sunday-Saturday. This requirement is intended to give student athletes one calendar day off per week or two calendar days off per 14-day period when classes are in session.  
Travel Day – A travel day related to athletics participation may be considered as a day off, provided no countable athletically related activities occur during that day.
Cancelled Competition – When an institution’s competition is cancelled prior to the start of competition or cancelled prior to the competition being considered a completed event in accordance with the playing rules of that sport, an institution may use that day as its required day off, provided the institution does not engage in any further countable athletically related activities during that day.
Preseason Practices/Holiday Breaks/End of Academic Calendar – When no classes are in session for consecutive days it is not required to be given a day off.
Any student-athlete who wishes to inquire about the policy or report a concern, please email

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