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The Big Show: Dave Matter


Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post Dispatch joined us to discuss what’s ahead for the rest of Mizzou Football’s season and what’s ahead for Mizzou Hoops this season.

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The Pregame Stretch: NFL Week 9

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts

Cam Newton’s mad about some un-flagged hits… Does he have a point? Will the Chiefs keep surviving all their starters dropping some flies? And how on Earth did the Chicago Bears pull off that upset of the Minnesota Vikings? Rob and Hank tackle these topics and more on this week’s edition of The Pregame Stretch on    

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The Sports Wire: Matt Hamilton

Alex Smith vs CLE

Matt Hamilton of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football joined us to discuss where the Chiefs are at through their first 7 games. What should we expect from KC against Jacksonville and who is the favorite in the AFC West.

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