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KTGR NFL Draft Podcast

The NFL Draft is this Thursday and both the Rams and Chiefs have lots of needs.

There are two easy ways to improve your team in a hurry in the NFL.  1. Sign the right free agents (see: Denver Broncos) or 2. Draft well.  This Thursday, the Rams and Chiefs will get their opportunity to improve by adding the best young talent they can find.

The Rams pick 6th this year and are prepared to take one of the elite players in this year’s Draft.  Will it be Matt Kalil, Trent Richardson, or Justin Blackmon (since the Rams need help primarily on offense).  The Chiefs are picking 11th and while many believe the only need they really have is at Quarterback (and no QB worth the 11th pick will be available) so it seems reasonable to believe they’ll be looking for the best player still left.

Joining KTGR once again is the owner/founder of, Steven Lourie.  He joined Brian Freeman to talk about the draft needs of both teams, as well as what this weekend holds for Mizzou seniors like Michael Egnew and Dominique Hamilton.

Check out all four segements of the conversation and stay tuned for more exclusive podcasts right here on

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