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WWE comes to Faurot Field…sort of.

Apparently, Russell Hansbrough knows how to take a fall.

Mizzou is down 42-10.  Hansbrough is 5’9 180.  Fellow freshman, Alabama DT LaMichael Fanning is 6’7 298.  This can only end well, right?

Remember, there are 2 minutes left in the game.

Then This Happened.

Fortunately, Hansbrough wasn’t hurt at all, but that’s going to cost Fanning a game.  He’s a RS frosh so his playing time is limited.  And if football doesn’t work out, he’s got a career in the WWE.  Someone call Vince McMahon.

UPDATE: Fanning has since apologized.

Do you think a single game suspension is warranted?  What would you do if you were SEC commissioner Mike Slive or Bama head coach Nick Saban (who did not initially pull him from the game)?

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