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Who Wins on Sunday? A Prediction.

Credit: Mark Green Photography

The Super Bowl is almost here. By now you are overly aware that the Atlanta Falcons are playing the New England Patriots. You can find out how Atlanta wins Sunday here and how New England wins Sunday here.


But now you find out who I think will actually win this game. The Patriots are a three-point favorite, which really should not be a surprise to anyone because Bill Belichick is the coach of the Patriots, Tom Brady is the quarterback for the Patriots, and Atlanta does not have that. What Atlanta does have, though, that the Patriots do not (especially without Gronk) are explosive offensive weapons like Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Mohamed Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, and their quarterback is probably the MVP for this season. That’s firepower in every sense of the word on offense.

As I said in my previous article about the Falcons, it comes down to the fact that Atlanta has to get stops early and then they have to take those empty possessions of the Patriots and turn them into points. Do that, and they win. Tom Brady, however, has a way for always making up for what the public sees as, let’s say, not great skill position players and the Patriots’ defense also has a way of showing up big time in big games when they aren’t really talked about, ever.

This is a game that I believe the three-point line will actually be dead on. It comes down to a field goal in the end is what I truly believe. It comes down to the fact that this has been viewed as “Tom Brady: Revenge Season.” And also, as aforementioned, the Patriots can take mediocre weapons (at best) and make them look like superstars.

Martellus Bennett and Michael Floyd are my key players not named Tom Brady for the Patriots. I think there is a game plan to get both of them the ball early and often, which benefits the Patriots in a huge way. They are very skilled players and you just get the feeling that a big game is looming for both of them.

I am going to take the Patriots in this game, but it is going to be close. A field goal in the final 3 minutes decides it.

27-24, Patriots.


What is your prediction for the game? You can follow me on twitter @Mhill_ and let me know what you think. Until next time, enjoy the game Sunday. Should be a fun one.