We’ve Found the Next Olympic Sport

Posted by KTGRStaffs on November 9, 2012

Forget the modern pentathalon or Equestrian (why doesn’t the horse get the medal for doing all the work?).  It’s time for a new Olympic sport to reign.

This is pretty self explanitory.  Fat Guy + chicks + kiddie pools + hill =


You’re honestly going to tell me you WOULDN’T watch this?  Matt Michaels and I were discussing this.  To make in an Olympic event, you’d have to have some kind of measurable result (distance, splash, creativity).  Totally agree.

Admit it, you’d watch.  I would.  I’d DVR and watch it for months at a time.  Especially if you include the Hi-Speed cameras.

Favorite part: the two fat guys eating a slice of pizza on the way down.  Simple, yet beautiful.

C’mon USOC, make it happen.


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