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We’ve Found the Next Olympic Sport

Forget the modern pentathalon or Equestrian (why doesn’t the horse get the medal for doing all the work?).  It’s time for a new Olympic sport to reign.

This is pretty self explanitory.  Fat Guy + chicks + kiddie pools + hill =

You’re honestly going to tell me you WOULDN’T watch this?  Matt Michaels and I were discussing this.  To make in an Olympic event, you’d have to have some kind of measurable result (distance, splash, creativity).  Totally agree.

Admit it, you’d watch.  I would.  I’d DVR and watch it for months at a time.  Especially if you include the Hi-Speed cameras.

Favorite part: the two fat guys eating a slice of pizza on the way down.  Simple, yet beautiful.

C’mon USOC, make it happen.

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