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Under the Bus: MLB Catcher Rule

You’re out! Wait, you’re safe! Who knows?The Cincinnati Reds had the bases loaded Wednesday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates, when Alfredo Simon hit a weak ground ball to the pitcher. Bucs catcher Russell Martin went to take the throw for the force play, and Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco was clearly out at the plate… or was he?

The umpires chose to review the play based on MLB’s new catcher interference rule 7.13, which is intended to prevent dangerous home plate collisions. In this case, the umpires in New York said Martin blocked the path of the runner on the play… so they called him safe.

On a force play.

It’s a pretty ridiculous interpretation of a well-meaning – but very flawed – experimental rule. Here’s hoping they add a “common sense clause” to the next version.

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