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Don’t bring a bat to a baseball fight…

A Cuban baseball game turned horribly dangerous when a bench player brought a bat into a brawl. The results below:

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Oral Roberts wanted to kick off their Fall Semester with a bang, but not quite this bang.

Not quite a Happy Flight.

While the Cardinals won on the field over the Cubs this weekend, one of their fans did not acquit himself well outside the stadium.

We hope that didn’t hurt, and the fan can take solace in the fact that while losing the after-party, the Cards did the winning that counts.

Troy Walker was bowling for a perfect 300 game and was one strike away. What happened next was traumatizing.

No words, just no words.

There couldn’t be a worse time to get a cramp, like preparing to go on TV, and the cameras are rolling:

There is a certain lack of respect for dogging a home-run trot, Minnesota Twins prospect Miguel Sano definitely took his time on this one.

Sano was immediately benched Tuesday night after the home run, and has not played since.

This happened in Hannibal, MO, EPIC SKYDIVER FAIL

There is a lack of respect for flopping at The Big Show, this occurred in the highest order during the NBA Finals:

Bosh has been fined the first-offender minimum for $5,000 for the flop.

Further proving that the Mets could drive anyone to be belligerent, submitted for your approval:

That was almost as embarrassing as their play on the field.

Felix Doubront’s pitch was closer to the first base line than it was the plate


Fans in Rome were witnesses to one of the best player-official arguments on recorded video. And the audio comes through perfectly.

We’ve all been there with fake candles and such, here is a birthday prank that takes th cake, literally.

Joel Hanrahan went all Nuke Laloosh on a Fenway Park Billboard.

Unfortunately the billboard got the last laugh, Hanrahan has a right-forearm strain.

According to Grey Flannel Auctions, they have obtained, and are selling the first ever found corked, game-used bat of Mickey Mantle.

Does the X-Ray vision image below ruin your image of “The Commerce Comet?

Earlier this year, Rutgers Head Basketball Coach Mike Rice was suspended for actions detrimental to his players. We now have video from those accusations.

How did he keep his job?

Giancarlo Stanton is the lone superstar on a pared-down Miami Marlins team. That didn’t stop their former top draft pick from playing a little chin music.

A little much for an intra-squad game, you think?

Annika Sorenstam had an unfortunate slice

Not to be outdone by Brady Morningstar, seen here. He may have some company for the worst free throw ever. From old Missouri opponent Appalachian State, we bring you Brian Okam.

Good Lord, is right.

Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum went hunting with Hall-of-Famer Robin Yount over the weekend. It’s safe to say Yount was a better hitter than a shooter.

The Rockford IceHogs were trying to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Weekend.  They, um, missed the mark.  By a lot.  But hey, Dora the Explorer will be there so bring the kids!

They were trying…and failed miserably.  You can read the details here.

Bladimir Baretto tried to duplicate the stunt of Kobe Bryant jumping over an Aston Martin. Needless to say, it was an epic FAIL. Watch Here.

Former KU running back Jon Cornish got a little too personal in a CFL game last week. Click hereto see how.

If you missed the MNF ending in Seattle, click here!

The Rams used a gift penalty from Redskins receiver Josh Morgan to push Washington out of field goal range and secure a victory in their home opener. Click here to see the bonehead play.

Really, Georgia? Act like you’ve beaten a conference opponent before.

Mississippi State had no trouble on the field Saturday, in a 56-9 win over FCS foe Jackson State. They had more trouble getting on the field, as you can see by clicking below:

Imagine if someone put a Jayhawk billboard in Columbia, well that’s what UCLA folks are saying about a USC billboard of Matt Barkley in “UCLA Territory” in Los Angeles. has a picture of the billboard and more on the story.

Someone obviously didn’t go to Living Canvas. Click here to see the poorest sports logo ink we’ve ever seen.

A 70-year-old Major Tennis Referee bludgeoned her 80-year-old husband with a coffee mug and stabbed him to death, which begs two questions, how big was the mug and how good is this woman’s eyesight at 70? Click here for the full story.