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When “WIL” The Royals Be A Contender?

Is Wil Myers the savior? “Wil” he be “The One”?The KC Royals Wil Myers was named Minor League Player of the Year by both Baseball America and USA Today.

Impressive numbers to say the least… 134 games he has crushed 37 homers, 26 doubles for a .314 avg. and 109 rbi…

Is he the real deal? Will “Wil” be the last piece to the puzzle that the Royals need?

We have been hearing all about the amazing prospects of the KC Royals for many, many days, weeks, months, years…when will it all come together at The K?

As a die-hard Cardinals fan I have to admit I enjoy the futility in KC but at the same time I would love nothing more than for baseball to be a hit again in KC.

The ballpark is fantastic but the best players have never stayed, big free agent arms have no desire to pitch for them… “Wil” things be different once Myers gets the call-up?

Vinnie Duber has a nice write up on Wil Myers and his great season

What are your thoughts? Can the Royals compete in the AL Central next season?

“Wil” they have the pitching? Jeremy Guthrie has become one heckuva surprise as of late, will the old Bruce Chen return? Can Dayton Moore land a top 3 in -the-rotation kind of arm?

“Our Time” was delayed by a few…well when “Wil” it be the Royals time?

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