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The NFL Playoffs—A Preview & Predictions

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The NFL playoffs are set to begin this weekend and while we are blessed with the game of the century that is the Texans Vs. Raiders, there’s still intrigue in this weekend, even if that game is the Saturday night feature.


The game that is most likely to feature a team to make a Super Bowl appearance, for me, is Packers/Giants. Both of these teams have been clicking at the end of the season and Aaron Rodgers continues to be one of the best at his position, his receivers are catching the ball, and Ty Montgomery has turned out to be a pretty solid option at running back. Number 88 is still an interesting number to see receiving handoffs frequently, if you ask me, but hey, whatever works.

This Packers offense is going against the much improved Giants defense, which if you’re a fan of that team, the defense better be improved given how much money was spent there in the offseason. The Giants also have Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. They don’t have a running game, but Manning has never been shy to sling the ball around the field, of course it helps when you’re throwing to Beckham, Cruz, and Shepard.

I think this game will come down to which defense is going to get the turnover. We know both teams can score and both teams have top-tier quarterbacks, but which defense gets it done? The high priced off-season defense? Or the one that embodies bend don’t break? Time will tell, but this game has the most intrigue, in my opinion, and has the best option of a matchup that could lead to a Super Bowl team.

Raiders @ Texans is a game that no one deserves and yet here we are. Connor Cook could go out there and light it up, but that’s unlikely. Brock Osweiler has already shown the world what he is, and it isn’t very good. You’re looking at a 13-6 game. Fireworks everywhere. (How many times will the announcers reference Osweiler’s height? 10? Did you know he was tall? Crazy).

Miami @ Pittsburgh is a game that everyone expects to be one-sided. I fall in line with that. I don’t buy the notion that it is a trap game for the Steelers. They have Bell, Antonio Brown, and Big Ben. The Dolphins do not. Simple as that.

Detroit @ Seattle could be a good game, but as we all know, it is hard to win up in Seattle. Detroit’s record outside this year is 2-4. That isn’t the best record when your playoff game is outside. Couple that with the fact you’re facing a secondary with Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman, this could be a big game for the Seattle D. Stafford could beat the Seahawks deep because without Earl Thomas, going deep is something teams have been able to do against them. The Lions’ D-Line is where we can look for them to win this game, though. It is no secret the Seattle O-Line has struggled this year and the Lions upfront have been stout. If they can bother Wilson, then the Lions have a shot.


Predictions for Wild Card Weekend:

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers: 17-27 Packers

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans: 13-6 Texans because they’re the home team.

Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-35 Steelers roll. Miami won’t be able to contain AB with a hobbled Byron Maxwell outside, and if he doesn’t play, that’s even more trouble.

Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks: 21-24 Seattle, It’ll be this close because after watching the Lions all year, they love a good last minute battle.

Super Bowl Prediction:

New England Patriots will take on the Green Bay Packers.

I’ll be back to preview next week’s action and I look forward to contributing to on a regular basis. Until then, you can find me on Twitter @Mhill_. Thank you for stopping by.