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The Final Furlong: 10/27/12

If you’ve been listening to the Sports Wire for any length of time, you know we finish the show with the Final Furlong.  Now, if you missed the show, you can still enjoy the fun.

Each Week, we’ll bring you the stories you may have missed.  Maybe even one or two stories we didn’t have time for.  You’ll have to hum the William Tell Overture to yourself.

-The Redskins cut Chris Cooley before the season in favor of Fred Davis.  Cooley missed all but 5 games last year and the NFL is a heartless business, so I get it.  Now, Davis is out with an Achilles injury so the Redskins…need Cooley back.  And he’s coming back.  He demanded a case of beer put into his new contract.  Washington didn’t include it.  Such a shame.  But, somehow, I think Cooley will be able to buy the first round anyhow.

-This takes taunting in a rivalry to a new level.  It’s also well played.

(oh, if you didn’t know, Casey Pachall entered drug rehab after multiple arrests and suspensions from the team.)

-Apparently, Deion Sanders forced his ex-wife Pilar to sign a prenup, then gave her $100k.  Now she wants to contest it so she gets more money in their divorce.  Gotta side with Neon Deion here.  If you’re worth what he’s worth, you make her sign before you walk the aisle.  And sure, plenty of you are going to argue about “sanctity of marriage” and I agree, but c’mon, none of us will ever hold as much cash and value as Prime Time.  Good for him for protecting himself.

-A 7 year old sent Patrick Sandusky (unfortunate name), the communications officer for the US Olympic Committee, a letter suggesting that tetherball should be an Olympic sport.  I absolutely agree.  Why not?  There are at least 10 sports this could replace.  Plus, how entertaining could high level tetherball get?  This has to happen, right?

-Rory McIllroy is about to get PAID.  There’s a report out there that Nike wants to offer him $250 million dollars.  He’s still under contract with Titleist, but I don’t see how they could match that kind of offer.  He’s incredibly marketable right now and Nike has to try to boost their golf profile with Tiger Woods clearly on the back 9 of his career (don’t kid yourself, he’s still obscenely marketable)

-Poor Mark Sanchez.  Dude cannot catch a break.  Not only is he struggling on the field (iffy coaching, poor organization, forced to always look over his shoulder), but his relationship with Eva Longoria ended because she got upset he was always moping about the Jets losing.  And then Jets fans berated him for it.  This after they question how much he really cares.  You can’t satisfy these people…

Join me next week, on air and on the interwebs, to bring you stories that you probably don’t care about, but need to know.

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