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The Big Show With Matt and Jeff

Listen to Matt Michaels and Jeff Parles on The Big Show – every weekday afternoon from 4p-6p on KTGR!

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  1. You guys are debating the issue of violating the miz-zou chant and keeping with tradition. Give me a break. If mizzou cared anything about tradition they would not have abandoned tradition, natural rivalry, history, and loyalty and bolted for the SEC for a few extra bucks.

    The purpose of the U of MO is to educate our youth and provide life lessons. The message sent with mizzou abandoning the Big 12 was very clear throughout this entire fiasco. As far as mizzou is concerned, no matter what, money is most important; even more important than tradition, natural rivalry, history, and loyalty. When things got tough, mizzou bailed.

    Good luck with your move MU. I hope it was worth it because I am one of many that feel this way.

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