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Tackling trends: Last-minute fantasy football advice

Isaiah Crowell and Sam Bradford led the charge in Week 4 as Tackling Trends went 2 for 3 on fantasy recommendations. That puts the segment’s fantasy advice at 8 for 12 on the season. To find out who I think is a good last-minute start for your fantasy team, check out the Pregame Stretch every Sunday before game time.

Who Else Impressed?


Matt Ryan – Projected: 13 Points, Scored: 35 Points

As someone who has Matty Ice on his fantasy team, I could not have been happier with the results of Ryan’s game.  He currently is the highest-scoring fantasy player of the 2016 season by 24 points. Ryan has also been consistently undervalued in his games and has exceeded his projection every single time he has hit the field.

RECOMMENDATION: Get him. This is not fluke – Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons offense are the real deal, and since the addition of Mohammed Sanu they may very well be one of the best in the NFL. The amazing thing is Matt Ryan is still not owned in 16% of leagues, so if you can pick him up, do it immediately. It would be pricey to trade for him so I recommend you ask us for advice on your trade on Twitter or Facebook before you pull the trigger, but Ryan will be worth a lot.

Running Backs

Matt Jones – Projected: 8 Points, Scored: 20 Points

Matt Jones had an incredibly productive day for the Redskins, rushing for over 100 yards and a TD. However, he did have some great help. Washington’s O-line proved why they are still one of the best in the game, as Jones ripped off chucks of yardage through enormous holes

RECOMMENDATION: Unless you can get him for cheap or in the waiver pile don’t “rush” (see what I did there?) to get Matt Jones. Jones has been widely inconsistent this year, going from games of 2 and 7 points to games of 12 and 20 points. He is a huge risk you do not need your team to be taking. If the risk can be minimized and it doesn’t hurt you, go for it. However, do not waste good players on him.

Wide Receivers

Michael Crabtree – Projected: 8 Points, Scored: 26 Points

I told you on Sunday’s show that a Raiders receiver would have a good game.  Only problem is I picked the wrong receiver. But moving on from Amari Cooper’s failure, Crabtree did have an excellent day in this one reminiscent of his time with San Francisco. The tall, athletic wide-out out of Texas Tech used his size all over the field to out jump and power through defensive backs. He also had what might have been one of the most impressive touchdown catches we will see this season as he dragged both feet in the back of the end zone to save 6 points for the Raiders.

RECOMMENDATION: Crabtree is what he is. He is a number two on a strong offensive team who may or may not show up from week to week. Crabtree’s success is directly linked to the success of the Raiders, so if you have faith in Oakland take the chance, I do not recommend doing anything with Crabtree unless you can get him for an incredibly cheap price or off the waiver wire.