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I saw this story yesterday and can’t say I’m surprised.

If you remember back in May, Derek Boogaard died from an overdose of too many painkillers and too much booze.  That’s not really the story here.

the story is that now Boogaard’s parents are suing the NHLPA AND NHL because they claim they didn’t file a grievance in time, meaning they couldn’t collect the remainder of Boogaard’s salary.  So they’re out for the remaining $4.8 million dollars AS WELL AS $5 million in punitive damages.

Now, I’ve never experienced (nor do I hope to ever experience) the loss of a child, so I cannot imagine what Derek’s parents are feeling.  But is money the only thing that will satisfy people today?  Isn’t there more out there?

What do you think?  Are Boogaard’s parents justified in their lawsuit against the NHLPA/NHL?

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