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Smith Fires Agent after Draft Freefall

I get why Geno Smith was upset. But it’s self-serving to take it out someone else so quickly.

Geno Smith fired his agent Monday. The reason? He fell in the draft to the 39th overall pick, which was the 7th pick in the second round. You can understand his frustration.

And truth told, I’m not bothered that he did it. As an agent, your job is to sell your guy. This is a sales job so you’ve got to make the sale. Smith spent most of the draft process expecting to go much higher in the draft.  So the agent didn’t do his job.

But doing it so quickly is a huge red flag.  It shows poor leadership and while you probably don’t think it’s a big deal, I don’t want a QB who’s too quick in their decisions.  Often, a snap judgement isn’t a good thing and that’s what Smith has done here.  You can easily punish other ways.  Keep his commission low or don’t refer him.  Cutting off his contact to other WVU players?  That’ll hurt.

I love Smith’s confidence.  I want a cocky QB.  That’s not the issue.  And his agent didn’t do his job.  Only the Bills took a QB, but his agent didn’t sell his guy well enough.  So the anger and hurt, I believe, is justified.  But this was handled poorly.  And smart people are going to take notice.

Smith went to the right team.  He’s in a situation where he can compete to be the starter right away and, no offense, smart decisions aren’t common.  He made a decision too quickly without realizing and there’s a good bet he’s going to make similar snap decisions with predictably iffy results.  Was it the right decision?  Maybe.  Quick and without too much thought?  absolutely.  Now it’s up to Smith to prove himself right.

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