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Pinkel Looks To 2013 in Press Conference

Coach Gary Pinkel addressed the media at the conclusion of Missouri’s first season without a bowl since 2004.

Click below for some selected quotes from the press conference.

Pinkel said the program is in

constant evaluation
, win or loss.

Pinkel understands the fans are upset,

but that motivates him for change

Missouri has not reached a bowl for the first time since 2004, Pinkel says the circumstances for failure then were


Pinkel says the quarterback competition is

wide open
, much like the way
Brad Smith took the reins
in 2002 away from Kirk Farmer.

Rumors went abound of his impending retirement were

. He also said he intends to retain his entire staff,
with no changes in status

Gary Pinkel believes Sheldon Richardson

has played his last game at Mizzou
. Pinkel does expect running back Henry Josey
to return in the Spring
. Pinkel also adds that the backups forced into action because of Mizzou’s many injuries
can only help them in the future

The Head Coach believes he has the support of the

Athletic Director

Pinkel did not see the

SEC as a surprising uphill test
. He also credits some of their opponents, who he believed reached their
highest levels
in recent years.

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