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The Big Show: Josh Kendall

Josh Kendall of The State in Columbia, SC joined The Big Show to give us the South Carolina perspective of the Mayor’s Cup match up.

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The Big Show: Tod Palmer

Tod Palmer of the Kansas City Star joined us to take a look at the Mizzou-South Carolina match up.

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The Big Show: Joel Thorman

Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride joined The Big Show on the eve of the NFL season. What does he expect to see from the Chiefs on both sides of the ball? How many does KC end up with? How can KC upset New England on opening night? Listen to find out what Joel says!

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The Big Show: Bill Connelly

Bill Connelly of Rock M Nation and the SB Nation sites joined us to discuss Mizzou’s Week 1 win and the chaos of Week 1 around College Football.

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