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Multiple Media Outlets Say Move to the SEC is “Imminent”

The New York Times is the latest to report that Missouri will announce a conditional withdrawal from the Big 12 by the end of this week and says an application to the SEC is “inevitable and imminent”.

Times’ reporter Pete Thamel quotes an official familiar with school decisions involving conference affiliation, saying, “Mizzou officials expect to get enough votes among SEC presidents to become a member, although the school would still need to be formally invited to join the conference.”

KTGR spoke with someone of great significance in the process speaking on the condition of anonymity, when asked about a Big 12 withdrawal by the end of the week, they confirmed, “You would be on the right track suggesting that.”

The withdrawal in question would be a “conditional withdrawal” meaning that it would only take place upon acceptance into another conference, similar to the language used by Texas A&M upon its withdrawal and eventual admission to the SEC. The Missouri Board of Curators meets Thursday through Friday with executive sessions at 3:45 p.m. Thursday and 10 a.m. Friday. The board is expected to discuss realignment in the first of the two sessions.

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