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Mizzou Football Players Supporting Campus Protest

Mizzou football’s next game against BYU is apparently in question.

Many black players posted a picture on social media Saturday locking arms with grad student Jonathan Butler, who says he’s on hunger strike until system president Tim Wolfe resigns. The players say they’re boycotting team activities. Tight end Jason Reese told media Sunday that players have collectively decided not to speak to the media. He did reveal  Mizzou Football was scheduled to practice on Sunday, but did not, and the players on protest would not “until all this is resolved.”

Protesters have not been happy with the UM system president’s response to several acts of racism and discrimination on campus this semester. Head coach Gary Pinkel sent out a tweet showing what appeared to be the whole team standing in support of the protesters. That picture was taken after a Sunday meeting between players and coaches.

Wolfe sent out a statement Sunday saying he’s committed to working with protesters, and improving diversity and inclusion on campus. The group Concerned Student 1950 and others have called on Wolfe to hit the road, after the way he’s handled acts against blacks, Jews, and even Planned Parenthood this semester.