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Missouri went 2-1 in their trip to Atlantis.

Thom is live in Nassau, Bahamas for the tourney but before he got there, he took Big Show listeners on a tour of the Orlando Airport.

He joined Brian Freeman on The Big Show Wednesday and had a pretty nice area to work from.

After the show, Thom hit the town in search of Mizzou fans who made the trip and Thom being Thom, you know he found them.

He also found one of the brothers of the Stanford Players.

Thom was back at it on Thanksgiving afternoon in the Bahamas.  Can you believe he’s working?

How about a prediction for the game from a current MU Law Student?

After Mizzou’s 78-70 victory, Thom got the reaction.

He also got a chance to find a Louisville fan after their win over Northern Iowa.  They were just catching their breath after a close Cardinals victory.

While you were out on Black Friday, Thom got you primed and ready for Friday’s action.


Also, Thom found Royals fans looking to avoid the Chiefs.  Eric from KC gave his thoughts on the game against Louisville.

Does anyone else remember the scene in Ace Ventura where the shark attacks out of nowhere?  This seems totally plausible.

Meet Brooke.  She’s got her own prediction on the game.

Before the game Saturday, Thom had a chance to take KTGR exploring more of the Atlantis resort.  Here, he takes us through another one of the tunnels of the ocean.

Once it was all said and done and Duke was crowned champions, Thom recaped all the action one final time from the Media Center.

Also, don’t forget to check out Thom’s photo gallery of his time in Nassau.  Looks like it was quite the experience.

Thom caught up with these players/reporters after Saturday’s Third-Place Win over VCU:

Laurence Bowers

Earnest Ross

Stu Durando

Steve Walentik

Gabe DeArmond

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