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How the New England Patriots win on Sunday

Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Back again. In case you missed it, I previewed how the Falcons can win on Sunday, which you can see here.


But moving to the other team, we dive into how the Patriots win Sunday. They’re no strangers to this stage. Have you heard that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are appearing in their seventh Super Bowl? Crazy. That is where their success comes from. Those two have turned this franchise into the perennial powerhouse we all view them as today.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the Patriots other than Tom Brady is probably a win away on Sunday from becoming the greatest quarterback of all time with very little resistance. That would be five rings, and since we like to judge players on rings, spoiler alert, that is a lot.

Missing Rob Gronkowski is why I think this game is actually going to be a close game. The Falcons can score with the Patriots, but no one can score with the Patriots when Gronk is healthy and firing on all cylinders. It really is nice, though, if a team can replace Gronk with Martellus Bennett. Not a bad talent pool there.

The Patriots win if they do what they always do and continue to live by their phrase, “Do your job.” This team is not a team that asks players to do more than what they are naturally capable of doing, Tom Brady being the exception. They give him receivers that would not have the same success if they were on a different team, personally, unless they moved to a team like the Packers with Aaron Rodgers.

If the Patriots do not turn the ball over, they win. It’s pretty simple. Belichick is not one to shy away from talking about ball security. For example, he said on a rainy day, “Great day for ball security! Right, Dion?” and pointed the question towards running back Dion Lewis who had fumbled in weeks prior. Just a great Belichick moment, but it goes back to the point that the Patriots win if they stick to what they do best and that’s simply, “Do your job.”

Tom Brady is on the Patriots. That gives them a chance to win every game and I think he is the way they win this game. The defense always sticks with the “bend, don’t break” mentality and will use a safety to help Malcolm Butler or whomever covers Julio Jones to try and take him out of the game. Tom Brady will have to score and he’s never been shy of doing so. The Patriots win on Sunday if Tom Brady is Tom Brady and as long as they don’t turn the ball over, because the Falcons will capitalize on extra possessions with that offense.

(Brief side note: Did you know Tom Brady was suspended four games this season? Crazy.)


So, who wins? I’ll be back later this week to give you my final preview and prediction. In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter @Mhill_.