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Hear Paul Finebaum Weekdays 2-4 PM!

The Paul Finebaum Show is now on your total sports station, KTGR!

An almost 30-year veteran of radio in SEC country, Paul takes his show national with ESPN Radio, based in Charlotte, NC. Finebaum’s show features guests talking about College Sports nationwide with a particular focus on the SEC.

There is still plenty of time left, however, for the callers who tie the show together with their rousing opinions on all things College Sports.

Finebaum starts off an afternoon full of SEC talk leading right into The Big Show at 4 PM. We encourage you to join Paul’s show from 2-to-4 PM by calling 855-242-PAUL (7285).


  1. show my post below please:) thanks Paul!

  2. Paul man you are awsome

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