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Haith Recieves Notice of Allegations

Hours after it was reported that Miami had recieved a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, Frank Haith also recieved word from the NCAA.Unlike an earlier report from, Haith did not recieve an “unethical conduct” charge from college’s governing body.

“I did get a notice of allegation and I did spend some time with Mike (Alden) this evening after the game,” said Haith.  “Contrary to what was reported, there was no  unethical conduct in my notice of allegations.  It is just an allegation, so we get a chance to defend ourselves.  My attorney is here and he’s going to forward that to Mike and his staff tomorrow.  The biggest thing I want to tell you is I’m glad this thing’s almost over.”

KTGR’s Will Palaszczuk spoke directly with MU Athletic Director Mike Alden after Haith announced he had recieved the notice.

“Just Surprised by a lot of these things,” said Alden.  “How those things get dealt with going forward, I think that’s a pretty big national issue.  I look forward to seeing how the NCAA recommends how they’re going to be dealing with some of those things going forward.  But with us, we’re just glad there’s going to be some closure to this and move forward.”

You can view two files involving the Notice of Allegations by clicking below:



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