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Final Furlong: November 3, 2012

If you missed the Final Furlong, or just want to hear it again, this is the place to be.

Each week on The Sports Wire, Brian likes to finish with a rapid fire of stories that obviously don’t need a lot of time.  And as much as you’d think he’d run out of material…the sports world (and sometimes entertainment) never fails to keep him busy.

-Admit it, you go a little crazy when they start shooting t-shirts into the crowd, don’t you?  We all do.  Who doesn’t want a free t-shirt they’ll wear once in their lives.  The Philadelphia 76ers hear your cry and present Big Bella.

You have been warned.  Sixers fans are going to have to sign a waiver before the team fires that thing.

-NBC needs programming on NBC Sports Network, a network ESPN’s Bill Simmons dubbed the “White Entertainment Network”.  And now they’re adding more programming for the 1%.  NBC aquired the rights to the EPL (English Premier League) for $250 million.  For 3 years.  That’s $83.3 million a year.  For a channel with limited viewers, it’s a huge gamble.  Not sure how this can end well.

-The good: David McGill coaches youth football.  That’s a positive.  Helping out his community.  The Bad: He was recently charged with robbery, harboring a criminal, and resisting arrest.  The Ugly: He distracted the guy working the counter while another guy jumped the counter, beat up the employee, and stole money.  The baffling: This happened while he was with his team at the pizza joint.  Wish I was kidding.

-Robert Griffin III strikes most people as a good dude.  He’s also different in many good ways.  He’s grounded, honest, hardworking, comfortable with who he is.  So, instead of regular candy for halloween, he gave out socks and other clothing items.  That’s actually pretty cool.

-Reason number 8 million I hate Fantasy Football: While at the hospital getting an MRI, Braylon Edwards was harrased by one of the security guards who was upset that Edwards hurt his fantasy team.  Think about that.  C’mon, dude’s hurt and you’re going to play big man?  No wonder security guards get harassed.  Plus, who in the world starts Braylon Edwards?

-And then there’s this:  Jason Whitlock and Shaq apparently want to fight each other.  Whitlock, the former KC Star columnist, made reference to Shaq looking out of shape.  Shaq responded that he’d be happy to fight Whitlock.  Now Whitlock is touting his history as a street fighter (who knew) and former football player (he’s quite defensive of Jeff George, a former college teammate).  Shaq is a recently retired professional athlete who’s 7’1 and over 300 pounds.  How about they both just let it go at this point….

You can’t make some of these stories up.  And as much as you’d like to think next week won’t be as weird….you just know it will be.  Until then…

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