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Final Furlong: November 24, 2012

Early losses in Cleveland, Sheed being Sheed, and Dexter McCluster insulted by an elderly woman.

Every week, I continue to find the goofiest, most interesting, unintentionally hilarious sides to sports.  You really can’t make this stuff up.

-Do you play poker?  Ever wish you could have a better poker face?  Well now you can!  Dr. Jack Berdy is offering botox injections to poker players to give them a less telling face.  This is actually available.  Hell, if you have an extra $600-800 lying around, you should probably get help for your gambling addiction…not botox.

-This is Rasheed Wallace being, well, Rasheed Wallace.  Do you really need explination? Just listen to him.

(shout out to Jason Kidd’s total inability to wear a headband)

-Morehouse State head basketball coach Sean Woods was suspended one game for berating his PG Devon Akinson.  There’s disciplining your player and then there’s what Woods did.  He was WAAAAAY over the line and deserved the suspension for being a bully.

-The Cleveland Browns are going to be giving away white flags for their fans to wave at this Sunday’s game against the Steelers.  Yup.  White Flags.  And yes, I really want to make a joke about the French.  UPDATE: The Browns have called off the promotion.  It’s very sad because this was so very Cleveland of them.

-the Kansas City Chiefs actually have some talent.  That’s the funny thing about them.  They’re horrid, but there’s actual talent on the team.  But it’s been that kind of season for them.  Even when they try to do right, like bring Thanksgiving dinner to the elderly, it goes wrong.  Hilariously wrong.

You really can’t make that up.

It’s the perfect way to end this week’s Final Furlong.  Until Next Week…

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