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Final Furlong: November 17, 2012

If you missed the Sports Wire (because you slept in, shame on you), don’t fret.  The silliness back.

Every week, we finish the show with the William Tell Overature and the Final Furlong.  It’s been quite a week in the world of irrelevant and and interesting so why not get to the fun?

-If you’re a rabbinical student with a little bit of free time, why not take up managing a major league baseball team?  That’s exactly what Zev Icyk has figured he should do, and since the Toronto Blue Jays have a lot of talent and no manager, he’s the perfect man for the job. You know what?  He’s right.  Why not give him a shot?  Let’s see how much managers matter.

-Gene Chizik is not having a good year.  First of all, his team is 2-8.  And then…there’s this.

yup.  That’s someone writing to ask President Obama for a $10 Million stimulus to buy out Gene Chizik’s contract.  Or a drone attack on the Auburn Athletic Facility.  Click on the picture.  And then calls him a terrorist on the way out the door.

-Nothing says love like alleged domestic assault.  Jeremy Stevens, the former NFL TE who loved dropping balls, has apparently married US Women’s Team goalie Hope Solo. This was less than 24 hours after Stevens assaulted Solo over WHERE THEY WOULD LIVE AFTER GETTING MARRIED.  Did anyone even know these two were dating?  Plus, there’s a stun gun involved.  Anyone seeing this lasting?  I mean, it worked so well for Chad Ohcocinco and Evelyn Lozada.

-You can sign up for text message alerts from just about anyone these days.  Most of the time, it’s no big deal, even if you get more than you think you might.  Well, a gentleman in Buffalo, we’ll call him Jery Wojcik, decided that he wanted to get text updates from his beloved Buffalo Bills.  They told him, he’d get no more than 5 messages a week.  Then he got six one week and seven another.  That’s 3 more than the requisite 10 he was promised.  TIME TO SUE.  Oh, and the worst part is a law firm actually took him up on it.  Dude…you signed up and they didn’t exactly inconvenience you.  Grow up.  The judge should not only throw this case out but punish him by allowing Bills players to text him incessantly.

-And now, for the things that make us smile.  Minor League Baseball rocks.  It’s just a good ole time for everyone.  And now, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre minor league team, the Triple-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, is affectionately known as the RailRiders.  It’s a tribute to the trolly system of Northeast Pennsylvania.  Also, thelog looks like this:

Also, thanks to HardBall Talk for the suggestion that the team motto should be “Enjoy the Porcupine!”

We should all enjoy the porcupine.  Forever.

Until Next week…

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