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Final Furlong: November 10, 2012

You’re not going to believe what we found this week……

If you’ve been listening to The Sports Wire for any length of time (you know, when it’s actually on the air), you know we end with an ode to Rossini and the William Tell Overture.  Well, cue the music (in your head)

-Utah Jazz center, and fan favorite, Enes Kanter says his house is haunted.  He said he’s experienced voices and noises in the house that he can’t explain.  This is a guy who routinely does the worm (he’s over 7 feet tall) and said his bucket list includes becoming a pro wrestler, bull riding (did I mention he’s over 7 feet tall), and going to the moon.  Rock on Enes.  Rock on.

-Caroline Doty is one of the best players in women’s basketball today.  She’s going to be a high draft pick in the WNBA when she leaves UConn.  she’s also 21 and thought trick or treating on Halloween was a good idea.  Her coach, Geno Auriemma didn’t, and ripped her publicly for doing so.  Good for him.  He’s kind of a big deal there…and can bar his players from doing this silliness.

-I’m sure by now you know being Vegan means you not only don’t eat animals, but you don’t eat anything MADE by an animal (eggs, cheese, etc).  Well, Arian Foster decided he’s a vegan and, to be fair, he’s one of the top RB in the NFL so maybe he’s onto something.  He’s a vegan…except when he eats chicken.  Um…how does that make sense?  Either you’re going to be vegan or you’re not.  You can’t halfway do that sort of thing.

-Remember that election we just had?  Apparently, someone wasn’t thrilled with their options so they posed a better solution:

Yup.  That really happened.

-Ah, Charles Barkley.  A man who clearly doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.   This past week, he claimed that ugly women had no chance of getting a job in TV.  Hate to say it, but he’s kind of right.  Style over substance is what is going to get people jobs in TV (male or female).  It may not keep them employed, but it will certainly help when the camera’s on them.  Everyone seems so scared of that.  Good for Chuck for saying something.

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