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Final Furlong: February 2, 2013

Ah, the underbelly of sports.  Isn’t it wonderful?This week, it just gets weirder.  We’ve got love children, the return of 90’s fashion, and the Jets just don’t get it.  Ok, not everything has changed.  Down the stretch we come…

-Good for the University of Michigan.  They actually used one of their students to “catfish” members of the football team.  Elaborate hoax?  absolutely.  In the wake of Manti Te’o, it’s a really strong and effective use of teachable moments.  It’d be nice if more schools would think this out of the box when trying to teach students.  And isn’t that what they’re there to do according to the NCAA?  To learn?  Well, not really, but still, it’s a WHALE of an idea that could save kids in ways they’ll never understand.

-Turns out, Brent Musburger was right.  QB’s always get the girls.  Even when they’re long retired and married with 6 kids.  Meet Dan Marino, who admitted this week he fathered a child out of wedlock with a CBS producer in 2005.  He apparently paid Donna Savattere handsomely to, essentially, go away.  Well, obviously that didn’t work and now she’s back.  He’s come clean and his squeaky image ain’t so anymore.  You’d think a guy who was a glove spokesman would know better.

-Duke is known for slapping the floor on defense.  They revel in it.  Except, you know, when someone does it to them.

Duke players were upset at the gesture and vowed to respond next time the two teams played.  Uh, Duke…turnabout is fair play.  Don’t want someone to mock you lightheartedly?  DON’T TRAIL 72-44.  Pretty simple.  Also, that game led to this letter.  Honestly, this is why a lot of people don’t like Duke.  They bring it on themselves.

-It says very plainly on Craigslist that you should never wire money.  Don’t do it.  Well, apparently, Sharon Osgood decided to not read the fine print (always read the fine print) and wired someone $5,900 after talking to them for a week about Super Bowl tickets.  When she recieved her package, all it said was “Enjoy the Game!!!! Go Ravens!!! LOL.”  She was heavily scammed, mostly because of her own idiocy.

Now, Ticketmaster and 49ers themselves have given her 5 tickets to the game (4 from ticketmaster, 1 from the Niners) in response.  Do you see what happened?  She was REWARDED for being a moron and breaking a clearly expressed rule on Craigslist.  And you wonder why things are going downhill.  Congrats for feeding her stupidity Ticketmaster.  Why don’t you charge her a convenience fee?

-In the best news of, well, ever…Starter jackets are returning.  It’s been announced, according to, that they’ll be making NCAA, NFL, and NBA jackets again.  Seriously…if I talk about this enough, they’ve got to send me one, right?  These were THE hot item of the early 90’s.  If someone from Starter is reading this, send me one for the Falcons, Hawks, and Mizzou.  Thanks.

-Finally, from the “of course” file: The New York Jets are looking into JaMarcus Russell.  You know, the NFL bust formerly of the Oakland Raiders and Purple Drank?  Remember how much the franchise struggled at QB last year and how they were more of a circus than an NFL team?  Now combine the two.  This can’t end well for the Jets.

You’d like to believe that things will get better in the world of sports, but if the Final Furlong has proven anything, we know it won’t.  Join us again next week for plenty more goofiness when you check out The Sports Wire on ESPN 100.5 and Total Sports Station 103.1 KTGR.

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