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Final Furlong: February 09, 2013

It was a quiet week on the field with the Super Bowl done and over with.  That doesn’t mean it slowed down off the field.  If anything, while everyone was recovering from football season, the crazies came out to play.  Amazing what we found this week:

-Cancer sucks.  Especially when it’s kids that have to deal with it.  Nolan Conaway was able to detect a cancerous tumor on the outside of his skull.  He’s been through multiple surgeries and 29 chemotherapy sessions.  He’s now cancer free.  TV station KHOU asked him to send a message to the UT football team (he’s a big fan).  His response? “Fire Mack Brown.”  So there’s that.  I’d say it’s time to re-evaluate football in our lives at this point.

-Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion…whatever he’s going by these days) wants to get involved in Scottish Soccer.  I don’t have a punchline to a story that’s clearly a joke.  Except he’s serious.  He’s interested in owning a soccer club.  He said:

“I don’t need to run the club, but I’d like enough of a percentage to get me on the board and be heard.  I want to bring a bit of snoop to things.  I’m passionate about my sport.  The boxes at Celtic (Celtic F.C.) would never be the same once I have hosted a party there.”

Well Said Snoop.  Well Said.

-If you’re a college athletic director, you have to act with a little more decorum.  Sorry, but thems the breaks.  No one told Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard this apparently.  He was kicked out of his son’s HS basketball game for arguing with the ref.  Hey, I get not liking a call, but give it a rest.  I’m pretty sure we’ve reached the point where parents are NOT allowed to watch their kids games live.

-Takeru Kobeyashi isn’t retired from competitive eating.  He’s just had a minor (read: gigantic) disagreement with Major League Eating.  So in the meantime, he’s whoring himself out on to attend parties…for a price.  That’s where stuff like this happens.

I’ve had Dominos Pizza a lot in life (used to work there).  I feel bad for Kobeyashi’s innards.

-Jay Cutler is quite the romantic.  He’s expecting a baby with Kristin Cavallari.  They were engaged, then broke up, then got pregnant, then got re-engaged.  How did they get re-engaged?  Cutler, who never really endears himself well to people, mailed her ring to her to propose the second time.  Dude….I could have told you that’s not a smart move.  What’s worse is when you make a boneheaded proposal (I proposed on the computer to my ex-wife…yep.), they usually don’t work in the end.  Good luck to the Happy Couple?

-Dodgeball and other games have already been banned in school.  Go ahead and add Tug-o-War to the list.  Why?  Well, earlier this week in California, two teens lost multiple fingers during a game of tug-o-war.  The boy and girl are expected to make a full recovery….well, sort of.  Each of the two lost 4 fingers (SWEET MERCY 4 FINGERS ON ONE HAND) on their right hand and the girl lost her thumb on the left side as well.  Maybe.  Someone else is claiming (local Sheriff) the girl lost three fingers one hand and two on the other while the boy lost 4 fingers on one hand.

Either way, WHY DIDN’T THEY LET GO?  I mean, I’m competitive and all, but if my finger goes numb…that’s it, game over.  I’m letting go.  I give them props for holding on until the end, but trust me, if the finger loses feeling….LET GO OF THE ROPE.  THE GAME IS OVER.

Just another week for the Final Furlong.  Be sure to check out the Final Furlong every week on The Sports Wire on ESPN 100.5 and Total Sports Station 103.1 KTGR.

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