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Final Furlong: December 8, 2012

It seems every week we’re able to find the good, the bad, and the WTF of the world.It’s not like it’s hard to find.  Turns out, it’s becoming rather fun to experience.  This week, it might actually make you spit your water out.

-Jeffrey De Visscher, like any other soccer player, went off to have a few drinks.  turns out when the going got tough, the tough started going.  His club, FC Emmen, didn’t like it.  DeVisscher has been released after he was arrested for pooping in the woods.  who knew that was a crime.  Fans of the club are happy the pooping came in the woods and not on the pitch.

-Darnell Dockett may or may not have spit in the face of Kerry Rhodes last weekend in the Cardinals/Jets game.  Dockett says he didn’t.  Rhodes has been non-committal either way.  Either way, Dockett was fined a 6 figure sum for the scrum.  Dockett is appealing.  It’s important to remember that Dockett and Rhodes…are teammates in Arizona.  Seriously.

-From the “Welp.” Department:  The Pope has a twitter account.  And no, I’m not making that up.  You can now follow the Pope on Twitter at @pontifex.  He’ll be tweeting in eight different languages so props on that one.

-NC State waas in the Jimmy V Classic this past week.  Jim Valvano used to coach NC State.  So, they wore these jerseys for the event.

Brilliant and a great tribute.

-Nothing says NFL football like daydrinking, does it?  That’s what Vikings MLB Chad Greenway wanted to see from fans.  He said he wanted fans to be loud, obnoxious, and most important, drunk.  He even went so far as to encourage them to be super-duper drunk and stick to liquor instead of beer.  Yeah, that can end well ever.

-Good for Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans.  He dropped $19,521.14 at Toys’R’Us for kids in Texas’ Child Protective Services.  Great move by Johnson at holiday time.

We’ll be back next week with more silliness.

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