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Final Furlong: December 1, 2012

Last week, we got some real doozies for the Final Furlong.  As always, you can’t make this up.

I’ve always loved the oddities in the sports world.  You’d like to think I’d have to search to find these stories.  You’d be really really wrong.  Onto the silliness…

-There are plenty of reasons go to see their favorite team, or even their local team, play.  One of them, you’d think, would be to see the team win.  Don’t tell that to Indians’ GM Mark Shapiro.  He actually told a fan that if they were coming to the stadium to only watch the team win, they shouldn’t renew their season tickets.  Is this guy serious?  Um, if I’m an Indians fan, I don’t renew on principle alone.

-Ah, the Canadians.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders (because what CFL team ISN’T named the Roughriders?) were trying to be festive.  They were TRYING to be nice.  They put a festive yule log up on the stadium videoboard.  You know, the one outside the stadium.  and…..4 people called the fire department telling them the stadium was on fire.  So, the team’s taken down the roaring fire.  I just don’t understand why Saskatchewan can’t have nice things.

-Everyone knows the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Terrible Towel.  It’s simple and effective and means a lot to the Steelers’ fans.  Other teams have tried towels, but none have been successful as the Steelers.  And then there’s the Jacksonville Jaguars’ attempt to capture the magic.

Do I even need to make a joke at this point?  You’re welcome.

-Kudos to Tom Brady.  He’s trying to help out the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation so he’s auctioning off a private passing clinic for the lucky winner.  So far, the bid is up around 8 grand.  Not too shabby.  If you’ve got a kid who wants to be a big time QB and you have the coin, definitely worth it.  or if you just want to hang out with Tom Brady (or his wife) , this is for you.

-Firing people is never fun, in any business.  In fact, it kinda sucks.  But there are protocols to the whole thing.  Like, not telling the person you might fire that….you’re thinking about firing them.  Especially if they’re a long termed employee.  Meet Donald Hill-Eley, the head football coach at Morgan State.  He’s been the coach since 2002, but is coming off a 3-8 season.  So you can understand his job isn’t the MOST secure, but he recieved an email the other day….that he shouldn’t have gotten.  It was an email detailing the school’s plan to get rid of him.  Kinda bad form all around.  And no, to this point, he hasn’t been fired yet.

that’s easily a month’s worth of goofiness and we rounded it all up in a week.  what will the next few days hold?  I guess only time will tell.  Tune in to The Sports Wire with Brian Freeman to hear the Final Furlong at the end of every show on ESPN 100.5 and total Sports Station 103.1 KTGR.

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