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Final Furlong: April 20, 2013

It was a horrible week.  The Final Furlong hopes to lighten the mood with the idiocy of the sports world. You can’t make up the stupidity of human beings.  Every week, it just seems to get worse.

-Soccer fans are horrible people.  Can we say that?  We can say that.  A soccer fan in Newcastle, England punched a police horse.  No, really.

I’m not the only person who thought of this, am I?

-Gotta admit, it’s a little sad to hear that Faith Hill is leaving Sunday Night Football.  I’ll miss those legs.  I’d bring Pink back if she’d come back.  Girl can sing.  Just a suggestion.

-Former MMA ref Josh Rosenthal pled guilty to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute (um, has anyone ever manufactured weed that WASN’T for distribution?).  He was arrested with 1356 marijuana plants in his possession.  The rough street value of those plants?  $6 million.  Good grief.  That’s roughly 1.5 tons of weed.  I can’t even wrap my mind around it.  And somewhere, Nate Newton’s ears just perked up.

-The Durham Bulls have joined the mascot race craze.  But instead of food (Milwaukee/Pittsburgh) or presidents (Nationals), they’ve gone with Crash Davis, Anne Savoy, and Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh from the movie “Bull Durham”.  Good for them.  It keeps the spirit of the movie alive and gives people a reason to come to the ballpark.

-Remember above when you thought I was joking about someone punching a police horse?  Leave it to the University of Arkansas to top it.  From the “This really exists” file….


-I’m sure Michael Jordan would NEVER do anything to make himself look bad.  I mean, he’s such a stand-up guy.    And now, it comes out that the Flu Game may have been a lie.  It was just food poisoning.  I mean, that still sucks, but now knowing he caused it himself (no one has ever gotten food poisoning that they didn’t cause themselves), makes me laugh a little.  Just because I don’t worship at the alter of Jordan.  So I laughed at this story.

-Kudos to Danny Amendola.  He’s going to endear himself to Patriot fans pretty quickly doing stuff like this.

Well done Danny.  Well done.

-Let’s all get into the Olympic Spirit!  Next year, the Winter Olympics head to Sochi, Russia.  In preparation, the city is planning (allegedly) to exterminate more than 2,000 cats and dogs.  Read that again and try not to hate the Olympics.  They’re calling it a “safety measure” but this is Russia.  Have they ever really used reason when it comes to killing?  And yes, I just reached for a Joseph Stalin joke.  History nerd for the win!

We’ll be back again next week with more ridiculousness on The Sports Wire on ESPN 100.5 and 103.1 KTGR.

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