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Criswell’s Dad Bashes Haith On Finebaum; Tony Refutes

An awkward situation developed on The Paul Finebaum Show (heard weekdays 1-4 on KTGR) on Monday’s program.

Finebaum took a call from Robert from Texas (click here for audio) who said that he didn’t appreciate Frank Haith’s treatment of his son, Missouri senior Tony Criswell. Robert also said an unnamed assistant tried to fight Tony in a huddle during a game.

Tony Criswell called later in the show to refute his claims, saying he has a good relationship with Frank Haith despite his mistakes at Missouri. Criswell lost a judgment in court for some unpaid rent and court fees of around $3,000 last month. The departing senior also told Finebaum he hasn’t spoken with his dad in some time, and actually has no way of contacting him.

Click below for Criswell’s call on Finebaum:


UPDATE: Tony’s mom, Bridget, joined Finebaum on Tuesday, (click here for audio)

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