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Cosmo’s Carl Edwards Blog #3

Carl looks for a big bounce back in Las Vegas in race #3It was a tough early exit in Arizona last week after Kyle Busch wrecked the 99 Subway car to the garage.  The Rousch-Fenway crew did a great job getting the 99 car back on the track where Carl was able to earn enough points to keep himself in the top 12.

My prediction for the Vegas race today? Jimmie Johnson will win and Carl will make his way around for a 14th place finish.  I know, 14 is a really random place to pick a driver to finish but I am sticking with it!

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Well, this is why I SUCK at predictions! Sorry Carl for doubting you. Tony Stewart blew the race today but Carl was very strong and his pit crew overcame some slow early stops and Edwards made all the right moves to pull off his first win of 2011.

The win jumps Carl back into the top 5 in the Sprint Cup standings and he has collected his 3rd win in the last 5 NASCAR races.  There is an extra week off in the schedule before the one and only (first) Bristol race.

Carl is putting together a heck of a start to the 2011 season. Cardinal fans can only hope that Albert Pujols has a start like 99 is putting together in his Free Agent season.

Congrats again Carl…first you back flipped of the Stratosphere and then you launched a fine flip off the window ledge of the race car!

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