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Cosmo’s Blues Blog #3

Well, not much to blog about when my beloved Blues lose to the Isle!It is official. The St. Louis Blues players have folded.

When you lose a hockey game to the NY Islanders it is official. You have given up on your season.  The trades provided a spark but that spark never led to a fire. The Blues needed a blaze to make the playoffs and instead all you have is a book of wet matches.

I am still a big fan of the deals made by the Blues BUT now it is time for ownership to throw some cash at FAs. The problem is that Dave Checketts still does not have his majority investor.  Sure Gm Doug Armstrong has made some impressive moves landing Halak and Stewart and freeing up a lot of jack under the cap but now you have to do something with that dough.

I have been a very loyal and very patient die-hard Blues fan for waaaay to long! It is time to set a massive blaze this off-season and truly make a statement to the players and the loyal fan base that you are in it to win it!

The waves made thru STL and the NHL a year ago when the Blues pulled Jaraslav Halak in from the Habs was a bombshell. Somehow the Blues are going to have to top that this offseason

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