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Brian Elliot, I apologize!I must start of by apologizing to Blues goalie Brian Elliot.

You were dead to me, and shame on me for giving up on you.

I admit it, I was turned on by the new edition of last years Brian Elliot, Jake Allen.

Jaroslav Halak may never live up to the hype with his injuries. It looks like a little pride hit did you well Mr. Elliot (didn’t like that trip to Peoria did ya!).

Unfortunately, if your teammates do not start scoring goals, it won’t matter how many shots you save the Blues playoff push will fizzle faster than a 4th of July sparkler in a thunderstorm.

Brian Elliot please accept my apology and keep up the great work in net the Blues are gonna need every W they can get down the stretch and especially in the playoffs.

Thanks for reading and Go Blues!

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