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College Football Top 5: My View

Who cares about the Top 25?  Who are the 5 best teams in college football right now?

We’re through week 3 of the college football season and about the only thing we know is that the University of Alabama seems to have taken it personally that they started the season ranked number 2 in the country.  We also know for a fact that the Big 10 does not look good.  Other than that, do you really know much about the season?  Most teams haven’t been tested to this point.

A few teams have, and they’ve either failed miserably or passed with flying colors.  You already know about USC and Arkansas.  They didn’t hold up under the weight of expectations.  So where does that leave everybody?  Who are the top 5 teams in the country right now.

#5: Florida State

They haven’t really played anyone yet.  They’ve played teams they should beat by big margins and guess what?  They’re winning by big margins.  Good.  It’s nice to see a team doing what it should.  Their defense is better than it’s been in years and the offense looks balanced in the run and pass games.  It’s a very manageable schedule, so if they take care of what they need to, they should be right near the top at the end of the season.

#4: West Virginia

I don’t want to buy it anymore than anyone else does, but face facts, this team is ridiculous on offense.  Geno Smith, in 3 games, has more TD’s (10) than incompletions (9).  He’s in the Heisman discussion.  They’re going to face a tougher road than in years past (UT, OU, KSU) but I think their offense just scored on Clemson again.  They’re underrated and opportunistic on defense.  If they can keep opponents under 30 points a game, their offense will do the rest.  Another national title dark horse.

#3: Georgia

They’ve already won an SEC game on the road.  They’ve been hammering opponents.  Jarvis Jones is a legit Heisman candidate at this point in the season.  They’re not ready for prime time just yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be.  They’re probably the best overall team in the SEC East and if they can continue improving each week, you could see them as a dark horse national championship contender.

#2: Stanford

Overreactionary after their win against USC?  Perhaps a bit, but look at what they did to the Trojans.  They took them apart, piece by piece.  Their big uglies are really good.  And they’ve got the skill players to match up with just about anyone in the country.  It wasn’t nearly the upset people made it out to be.  Remember, they were ranked 21st in the country when the game started.  Could they win the Pac 12?  Yes they could.  They’re really good and it’s time we paid close attention.

#1: Alabama

Do I really need to explain?  Have you watched them play?  They’re 3-0 and two of those wins are against Top 25 teams.  And they’ve slaughtered both of them…on the road.  As I said in the open, they seem to be taking it personally that after winning their second national title in 3 seasons, they still started the season ranked number 2 in the country.  Looking at their schedule, who beats them?  MAYBE LSU (Death Valley at night…never easy).  Even then, don’t you kind of give Bama a massive advantage.  They’re on a mission and one can only guess when it’ll end.

You’re probably wondering where Oregon and LSU are.  Well, LSU would be number 6 and Oregon number 7.  There’s a good chance one or both end up in the top 5 at the end of the season, but they haven’t played anyone yet.  They’re very good, but if you haven’t played anyone, I can’t put you in the top 5.  Sorry, those are the rules.

Stick around each Monday and I’ll take you through the season.

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