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CFB Top 5 Week 8: My View

You don’t have time to watch every college football game.  That’s why I do it for you.

Another week and you can probably guess who’s at number 1.  But after that, it’s kind of anyone’s guess, isn’t it?  Is it Florida or Oregon at #2?  Where does Kansas State fit?  Could Oregon State (yes, the Beavers) actually be a top 5 team?  Don’t worry, I’m here to answer all those questions for you.

As always, we’ll go backwards from #5-#1.  And no, Oregon State doesn’t make the cut but they’re number 6 so expect them to crack the top 5 soon.

#5: Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish are the team everyone loves to hate.  And everyone wants to say they’re overrated.  Well, if there was ever a week they’d lose, it’d be this week.  BYU sandwiched in between Stanford and Oklahoma?  That’s begging for a loss.  Yet, they found a way to come back and win.  They’ve got the best run defense in the country.  If they can get their QB situation figured out, they might be in the title game.  Oklahoma and USC still linger on the schedule so it’s tenuous in South Bend still.

#4: Florida

I can hear you saying “Wait, they’re number 2.  How do you have them at number 4 you radio goober.”  And yes, you’re justified in your thinking.  But as great as their resume has been to this point, they’ve gotten their toughest games at home and the team isn’t exactly complete.  They have very little passing game.  Other teams could shut down their run game and they’d be screwed.  They’ve got UGA and Florida State remaining.  That doesn’t even INCLUDE an SEC title game against Alabama or LSU (probably).

#3: Kansas State

They’re not pretty.  They’re stuck in the 1990’s.  But…they win.  They win big.  Colin Klein stole the “Heisman frontrunner” mantle from Geno Smith.  Arthur Brown is the best defensive player NO ONE is talking about.  They’ve also won their biggest games on the road.  Not sure they could match up well with the teams above them, but this is one of those teams you don’t really want to doubt.  Their biggest games remaining?  All at home.

#2: Oregon

Sure, get caught up in their offense.  It’s impressive.  But don’t overlook this oportunistic defense.  It’s better than you might think.  And if they can stop anyone from scoring, they’re going to be hard to beat.  Their running game is a thing of beauty and churns at an obscene pace.  They’re hammering their opponents right now.  They’ve got their toughest games ahead (USC and Stanford) as well as the Pac 12 title game so anything could happen, but when’s the last time you saw them slowed down?

#1: Alabama

The bully of the block.  Mizzou fans saw first hand how good this team is.  They’re explosive on offense and brutal on defense.  Even after allowing 13 points to Tennessee this week, the Tide defense is allowing 8.3 points a game (best in the NCAA).  Oh, and they’re 14th in scoring on offense (41 points a game).  That’s an AVERAGE victory of 41-8 (33 points.  a 5 score difference).  By the way, they lost 7 starters and top RB from last year.

Alabama is better this year than the team that won the whole thing last year.  Scary to think about it, isn’t it?  We’re no longer measuring them against college football.  We’re measuring them against the bottom of the NFL.  They wouldn’t win, but admit it, you’d like to see them play the Chiefs.  It’d be close…and interesting.

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