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CFB Top 5 Week 7: My View

Missouri saw this weekend just how good Alabama is.  Is anyone in their league this year?

It was another wild week in College Football.  That’s what makes the game so great.  You just never know.  Teams you thought were good turned out to not be as good as you thought.  There are more incomplete teams than you expected.  We’ve got a pretty good idea of who the top two teams are but after that?  Who knows.

The polls can say what they want, but if you want a good answer of what team’s belong where on the rankings, you have to use your eyes.  That’s why guys like me spend so much time watching games.  I want to know where teams stack up, even if they don’t play each other.  With that in mind….

Top 5 Teams in College Football 2012

#5: Kansas State

They’re boring.  They’re hard to watch.  They’re not fun.  But they keep winning.  Colin Klein keeps racking up TD’s and making big plays.  They keep winning games, right or wrong.  Could they be the best team in the Big 12?  Well, they already have a win over Oklahoma and we’ve seen West Virginia can be beat.  You may not know much about them…but they’re in this to win it.  Solid team that’s going to win more than they lose

#4: Notre Dame

I know this probably bothers a lot of people, but this Irish team is legit.  They’re great on defense and can move the ball on offense.  What’s going to end up holding them back is their inability to find a QB.  It’s hard to take them seriously when you know they’re lacking at the most important position on the field.  Still, they’re beating teams handidly and they’ve risen to the challenge every week.  They’ve got tough games against Oklahoma and USC still remaining, but they’re right in the thick of the race to this point.

#3: Florida

They’re getting better every week.  That’s the thing you have to see when you see Florida.  This is a youg team who is getting better every week.  They’re going to face more ranked teams, but all of them already have a loss.  They’re getting most of their big games at home and their November includes games against Louisiana Lafayette and Jacksonville State.  So they’re good, getting better, and going to get a chance to get healthy?  Meet your new SEC East favorites.

#2: Oregon

Sure, they didn’t play this weekend. No one did enough to jump ahead of them. They’re a far more complete team than some of their counterparts.  Unlike West Virginia, their offense isn’t their only thing.  They’ve got a defense.  They can STOP people from scoring.  They’ve got a relatively challenging schedule remaining, with games against USC, Stanford, and Oregon State still remaining.  Can anyone stop their offense.

#1: Alabama

A week off then a game against a better than average team in a rain storm?  Yup.  No problem for Alabama.  They raced to a 28 point lead and did, pretty much, what they do on defense.  They gave up more than their average on defense, but they were never in question in this game.   They’ve got a schedule that’s breaking down quite nicely.  Does anyone outside of LSU’s defense pose a threat?  Their mission is clear.  Repeat or bust.  And so far, they’re halfway to their goals.

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