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CFB Top 5 Week 5: My View

For the first time all season…the top 5 teams in the country stayed the same.  That won’t last.

Another week in college football, but for the first time, we didn’t have a bunch of upsets.  It was a fairly calm weekend, outside of the video game numbers being put up in Morgantown this past Saturday.  Also, West Virginia just scored again.  In doing so, it’s time to start figuring out who’s who in the college football world, especially as Alabama attempts to strengthen its grip on the top spot in the polls.  LSU continues to fall as they continue to win.

Remarkably enough, it looks like this week is the same as last week.  Who knew that was even possible.

#5: Florida State

They beat a team that has given them problems in recent years in South Florida.  They didn’t look all that pretty in doing it, but hey, a win’s a win.  They’ve had one test, at home, against a ranked opponent.  They’ve got a clear path to the ACC title game.  But they’re ultimately a really good and opportunistic team.  They’re good.  Maybe one of the best out there.  And they’re just complete enough to knock West Virginia out of the top 5.

#4: South Carolina

Kentucky isn’t going to challenge anyone.  Still, the Gamecocks looked impressive in throttling the Wildcats.  Conner Shaw continues to be the best QB no one is talking about and the defense is still nasty.  They’ve got a big game coming up against UGA, but after that?  Back to back road games at LSU and Florida.  That’s brutal.  Normally, you wouldn’t think the ‘cocks would be up to the challenge, but this year?  They’ve got the balance and the ability to make a run.

#: UGA

This team is put together to make a run and their schedule misses LSU and Alabama.  They also miss Arkansas (although this is probably a bad thing this year).  They were pushed by Tennessee (who put a fight up much better than they were expected to)  but responded when they had to.  They’ve got a tough test against Carolina but after that, only Florida looms on the horizon.  They’re getting players back and Aaron Murray is playing like the QB people expected him to his entire career.  They’ve got the nation’s best freshmen tandem at RB.  Are they contenders?  Absolutely.

#2: Oregon

Ho Hum.  Another week, another 50 points scored.  Here’s the thing with Oregon.  You know at some point, they’re going to make a 21 point run.  And if you blink, you’re going to miss it.  It’s almost frightening how quickly they put points up sometimes.  They’re going to take chances on defense but they’re more solid in the secondary, which helps when teams are throwing a lot in hopes of catching up.  They’ve got the shiftiest and fastest RB duo in De’Anthony Thomas and Kenjon Barner, who can both go for a TD every time they touch the ball.  It’s not a question of when the Ducks lose…it’s if.  And can anyone shut down their offense.

#1: Alabama

Ah yes, the one team that can do it all.  They’ve got a stable of running backs.  They’ve got AJ McCarron  at QB.  They’ve got receivers. And they have a defense.  Oh, do they have a defense.  Plus, you’ve got Nick Saban.  What don’t they have at this point?  They’ve got a few tests down the line (LSU) but overall, they’re the cream of the crop in the game this year.  They’ve got their eyes on the title and making sure that this time, they don’t stumble.  They’re primed and ready.  Can they do it?

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